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ARC Variance Form

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The Covenants allow the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) up to thirty (30) days to review your request. A letter of approval will typically be sent to you in the mail or email, if an email was provided. (Article 6.2)

MVP Architectural Standards states, no exterior construction, addition or erection or alteration shall be made unless and until all plans and specification showing at least the nature, kind, shape, height, materials and location shall have been submitted in writing to and approved by the ARC Committee. (Article 6.1)

Provide a detailed description of your request, a description of materials to be used along with a site plan showing the dimensions and size of your modification and color sample, if applicable.

If construction does not commence on an approved project within twelve (12) months of approval, such approval shall be deemed void and a new request will need to be resubmitted to the ARC. (Article 6.3)

If work begins or is completed prior to receiving ARC approval a fine of $250 will be imposed and the property/lot will have to be restored to the original state at the owner's expense. (MVP-002 Procedure, paragraph 3.A(5))

MVP Architectural Standards can be found in detail in Article 6 of the community covenants, conditions and restrictions.

Please Check All That Apply

Any major modification to landscaping that requires earthmoving with or without motorized equipment (i.e., Bobcat, backhoe, etc. ) will require approval.

A site plan will be required showing location. It would be advisable for this to be shown on the lot survey if possible. MVP architectural only permits privacy fences made of wood or PVC.

Submit a request for any exterior painting or staining that deviates from the original color for ARC approval. Request must include sample of desired color in order for the request to be reviewed. Specify the location or area where the color will be applied (i.e. main, trim, shutters, fence) and state color name (if the same color, do not write same).
Any color or style deviating from the original roofing requires an ARC variance. Approval is required for changing of roof color or style.

Recreational Equipment:
Describe the type of play equipment and a sketch showing location.

Tree Removal:
Provide a sketch or photo of location of the tree(s) being requested for removal along with reason for removal.

Provide project details, site plan, colors with photos (if applicable).

Type the details of your request in the space below and click on the submit button. The more information that you supply, the less likely we are to contact you for additional information further delaying your plans. Faxing or mailing instructions will be displayed once you submit this form.

Details of Request:
I understand submission and/or approval of an ARC Variance Request is not approval for placement of an advertisement sign. I also understand signs are not permitted and any placement of one will result in an automatic $50.00 fine from the Association, which is not subject to the normal inspection process. Please initial below that you understand these terms.
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