Duties of HOA Board

The specific responsibilities of a community association’s board of directors are typically stated in the community’s governing documents.  Ga. law also provides guidelines & rules for boards of nonprofit corp. such as homeowners & condominium associations.

General Responsibilities are:

  • Discharge duties in good faith & with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise.  A director should place the interests of the association over the director’s own interests & act for the betterment of the community in accordance with the mission of the association.
  • Do not usurp any corporate opportunities that rightfully belong to the association or act outside the scope of the board’s authority or without authorization from either or both, the board & the association’s membership.  A director should not knowingly violate, or willingly permit to be violated, any applicable statutes, covenants, restrictions, or rules or regulations.
  • Learn of changes in laws, regulations, and policies of the association which affect the director’s duties or obligations.
  • A director should not engage in actions that are or appear to be a conflict of interest between the director as an individual and the director as a member of the board.

Note: This article from the AJC -July 8, 2007 is not intended to render legal advice.