Pavilion Rental

Swimming Pool Pavilion Rental

Chapel Hills Community Association
Swimming Pool Pavilion Rental

The Chapel Hills swimming pool pavilions may be rented in accordance with the following guidelines:

The approval of a reservation will be subject to the type of activity to take place, the availability of the pavilion, the availability of lifeguards, the signing of the reservation request and the payment of the rental fee. Reservation requests should be made at least two weeks in advance of requested date.

•     The pavilion must be reserved through the Resident Login, Requests section, Please include the following Information: Name, Address, date, time, # of persons and location.

•     Group size will be limited to twenty-five persons.

•     The Association reserves the right to cancel any reservations at any time.

•     The cost of renting the pavilion is $50, payable to the Chapel Hills Community Association. The rental fee must be accompanied by a $75 security deposit, refundable only if no damages are reported to the pool grounds. The facilities will be inspected promptly after the event to ascertain any damages for the release of the security deposit.

•     A lifeguard must be present at any activity if persons under 18 are present. The charge for a lifeguard will be in addition to the pool rental fees. You will need to make these arrangements for yourself.

•     Payments are made directly on the website, mailing to the Association, or paying in person at the management office.

•     Parties must abide by the pool rules. Any disruptive behavior or music the Association may dissolve the party. Facilities are still open to residents and their guests.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and help in making our pools the very best that they can be.

Chapel Hills Community Association

To begin the reservation process go to the Amenity Reservation section of this website and select the type of reservation you wish to make. When the reservation grid appears, click on the word AVAILABLE in the time increment you wish to reserve.


Important Information

Hours: 8 am – 10 pm

Opens: May 13

Closes: September 17

Costs: $50 plus $75 refundable security deposit