Pool Rules

The following pool rules have been developed for the safety and enjoyment of all members. Please read them carefully as any use of the amenities will be confirmation of understanding these rules and regulations.

The lifeguard has full authority to enforce all safety and sanitary measures deemed necessary for the proper operation of the pool. They will monitor the compliance of all pool policies and rules. The Chapel Hills Homeowner’s Board and Pool Committee support the lifeguard’s decisions.

Pool privileges may be revoked by the Chapel Hills Homeowner’s Board if the homeowner is not current in the payment of their annual dues or if behavior at the pools places anyone in danger.


The primary function of the lifeguard is to enforce the pool rules and ensure that our pools remain healthy and safe not to discipline or baby-sit. Members are asked to observe all rules so the lifeguard may be free to their job.


  • Members must be able to present their amenity pass upon request.


  • Proper bathing suit attire must be worn. Cutoffs, jeans, g-strings, thongs, etc. are not permitted.


  • Persons with fevers, colds, skin, eye, nose or throat infections, or any other communicable ailments, shall not have use of the pool facilities.


  • Everyone should shower prior to entering the pool to maintain the cleanliness of the facilities.


  • No glass containers are allowed in the pool area.


  • No pets are allowed as this is a violation of the County health code.


  • Boisterous conduct shall not be permitted in the pool area. This includes running, pushing, diving from pool furniture, foul language, loud music, or any other acts that would disturb or endanger others.


  • Ball throwing should be done away from others, not participating. Water guns may be used in the pool and their use should be restricted to willing participants only.


  • Oversized pressurized water cannons are not permitted in the pool at any time.


  • Food is not permitted in the pool. Everyone using the pool is responsible for removing their property and disposing of their trash in the trash containers.


  • The use and size of floating devices will be regulated by the lifeguards for the safety and enjoyment of all swimmers.


  • All children under fourteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the pool area.


  • Children not ‘potty trained’ are to wear swimming pants and should be removed from the pool immediately if an ‘accident’ occurs. Disposable diapers are not to be worn in the pool at any time. Some accidents may require pool closure for a 24-hour period.


  • Pool furniture and trash containers are not to be removed from the pool areas at any time.


  • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by anyone under the age of twenty-one. Alcoholic beverages should remain concealed. Persons showing signs of intoxication may be asked to leave and/or be suspended from the use of the pool facilities.


  • Smoking is not permitted at anytime while at any of the amenity areas.


  • Only lifeguards and members of the Pool Committee are allowed in the pump room.
    The lifeguard on duty is authorized to remove any persons violating any of the pool rules.


  • The pool committee will review serious and repeat offenses and will recommend to the Board the length of suspension from the facilities.


  • Issues not covered by the above rules will be handled at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty or by the Pool Committee.


  • Pool parties are allowed 8:00 am to 10:00 pm any day of the week (except Holidays) at any of the three swimming pools. Lifeguards are required for private parties where persons under twenty-one are present. Seven days notice is required. Pool reservations must be made online via the website (www.chapelhillsca.com)


  • Questions, comments and issues relating to the pools should be directed to the property manager at [email protected]


Pool Hours 8:00 am until 10:00 pm

All three pools will have lifeguards on duty from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, daily when school is out. Swim at your own risk when no lifeguard is present.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and help in making our pools the very best that they can be.